Zutphen (NL) - Hanzehal, Friday 20 October 2023

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Zutphen: Friday 20 October 2023

On Friday the 20th October, the Stoffen Spektakel will be organized at the Hanzehal in  Zutphen.

You are most welcome at this cozy fabric fair from 10.00 to 16.30.

Address information:
   - Address:
     Hanzehal Zutphen
     Fanny Blankers-Koenweg 2,
     7203 AA, Zutphen (NL),

Exhibition information:
   - Opening hours from 10am to 4.30pm,
   - About 3500 square meters of exhibition space,
   - You will find approximately 35 stands with fabrics and more,
   - This event is open to everyone,
   - Catering on site,
   - Entrance is free!,

Payment options:
-  almost all exhibitors have possibility for card payment
-  you can pay cash at all exhibitors,

Accessibility & parking:
The Hanzehal has a car park, right in front of the door.
Click on the blue link, for the Google maps route to de Hanzehal .

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