The concept of Stoffenspektakel

Stoffen Spektakel has been active since the spring of 2005. You can see it as a kind of fabric fair, but for consumers. It is an event where several nationally and internationally known fabric providers present and sell the latest fabric collections. The average size of our trade shows is 5,000 square feet, some a little smaller, some much larger. Our largest trade show is 8,000 square feet and has 60 participants. Each spring and fall we strive to return to the same location. An offering is presented that you will not find anywhere. There is a lot of choice!


Fabrics, haberdashery and patterns

Ladies fabrics, children's fabrics, lining fabrics, haute couture fabrics, bridal fabrics, curtain fabrics, net curtains, furniture fabrics, decorative fabrics, real or imitation leather, imitation fur, tablecloth,  in short, everything you need to make something from fabrics can be found here. Also all supplies and haberdashery for making clothing, curtains, etc. can be found at this event.

The fabrics you can expect are from well-known fabric brands and ready-to-wear ateliers. Many fabric providers have access to patterns and pattern books through their suppliers. There are also pattern specialists present who offer everything in the field of patterns. Because there are fabric dealers from all over the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and / or France at such an event, a unique range is presented.


Demonstrations on the show floor

Many demonstrations will be given at Stoffen Spektakel. For example, a regional sewing machine dealer will demonstrate how best to manufacture clothing with the latest machines. Well known but also new techniques will be shown. Also they show how you can customize clothing by embroidery or applications.

Fashion trade schools are sometimes present, to show you how to educate yourself even better in the manufacture of clothing. There is always something to learn in this hobby....

Perfect day out

It's a great day out for anyone actively involved in self-make fashion. At each location there is opportunity to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Either on the exhibition floor between the fabrics, or in the local Grand Café around the corner.

Admission to the Fabrics Show

Stoffen Spektakel is a fabric event and therefore accessible to everyone. Also, at almost every Fabrics Show, entrance is completely free!


Where can you find us?

These events are held at various locations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. You can find us in pleasant locations in city centers and in exhibition halls or expo - centers.

Under the "Agenda" button you can see the complete list of where and when the Fabric Spectacles will be held.

Cancellation - Exemptions

It can happen, for whatever reason, that a Stoffen Spektakel is cancelled (just in advance). Therefore please check our website for changes before you travel. Should a cancellation take place, we will always report this before 9.00 am on the day itself.

Any costs incurred due to cancellations, are always at your own risk!