The new Stoffen Spektakel (fabric show) calendar for AUTUMN is online!

->Latest news:
Brussels cancelled.
Eindhoven now on September 17!

This fall, we have planned 27 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Zutphen is back in the Netherlands. Mechelen and Libramont are back in Belgium. Reims is back in France. But we have not found a place on the calendar for Rouen, Chartres, La Roche sur Foron and Villefranche sur Saône.

In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, admission remains free.

In France, it has become necessary for us to charge an entry fee of €4 for visitors aged 18 and over to all sites. Unfortunately, the costs in France have been higher for years. But rising prices and more and more bureaucracy make it unaffordable for us.

Many exhibitors (who are active in France) travel more than 800 kilometers to be present at the show. We need to attract enough visitors. Otherwise, you will no longer participate in the show.

We have also included a flyer with all the locations.

Share it with your friends as much as possible. This ensures as much publicity as possible. And that we can continue our fairs as long as possible. It's not for nothing that many stores are closing and there are hardly any left. Our industry desperately needs reputation, if you want to be able to easily source fabrics 5 years from now.

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