Libramont (BE) - Halle des Foires, Sunday 12 november 2023

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Libramont: Sunday November 12, 2023

On Sunday, November 12, the Fabric Spectacle will be organized in Halle des Foires in Libramont.

You are most welcome at this cozy fabric market from 10.00 to 16.30.

Address information:
    - Address:
       Halle des Foires Libramont
       Place Communale 5-7
       6800 Libramont-Chevigny (BE),

Exhibition information:
   - Opening hours from 10am to 4.30pm,
   - About 4000 square meters of exhibition space,
   - You will find about 40 stands with fabrics and more,
   - This event is open to everyone,
   - Catering on site,
   - Entrance is free,

Payment options:
   -  almost all exhibitors have an ATM / bank contact
   -  you can pay cash at all exhibitors,

Accessibility & parking:
Behind Halle des Foires are very large lawns that can serve as a parking space.
You can click here for navigation to the Halle des Foires

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